Do It Yourself Tax Relief

Are You Struggling With an IRS Tax Problem?

Does this look like you? Stressed out over your tax debt problems?

Well then you’ve come to the right place.

Most of our clients are stressed! They’re receiving threatening letters, bank accounts might have been swept clean of the money in them or they are facing wage garnishments leaving them little money to live on. And all of them are wondering if there is an end to this nightmare and can they get they’re lives back.

We Are Tax Relief Help Desk and We Are Here to Help YOU!

The number one myth out there is that you must hire a tax professional to help you with your tax problems if you ever want them to go away. They tell you that you are not smart enough to do this on your own. They make it appear that this problem is impossible to handle unless you are an attorney trained in tax law and tax code.

Here’s the TRUTH! It’s a BIG FAT LIE!!!

What they do not want you to know is you can do this just as easily as an attorney can. Because the attorney you hire does none of the work. He has paid intake people at $8 bucks an hour to input all your information into forms. And here is the big truth. YOU have to fill in these forms first. That’s right! They send you “Tax Organizers” where you give them all the information filled neatly into an intake sheet. So you are doing all the work and paying this tax professional $3500 just so they can send your documents through the mail for you. Let me ask you —– do you know how to address an envelope and place a stamp on the outside, then place it in the mail????? If you do then you are qualified to be a tax professional.

Here is Our Do It Yourself Tax Debt Relief Program

Where We Provide Step by Step Instructions For The Following:

Our very own Tax Attorney developed evaluation guide to find the best tax relief program
How to develop your personal tax debt relief plan
How to prepare a tax debt settlement for reduced tax amounts with an Offer in Compromise
How to prepare a deferred payment Offer in Compromise
How to set up an affordable payment plan based on your ability to pay
Step by step instructions on how to stop and remove a wage garnishment
How to immediately stop an IRS levy
Removal of an IRS bank or property seizure